Swim suits 25% off

I was recently lucky enough to be scouted by an amazing brand on Instagram to become a promoter for their products.

So I am now a promoter for the gorgeous swim suits at http://www.swimclassy.com

All of the costumes are so so gorgeous and I cannot wait to try as many as I can. Unfortunately as it is winter here at the minute I have not had a chance to fully try my first swim suit from them.

However if any of you would like to purchase any of their gorgeous suits from http://www.swimclassy.com treat yourself to 25% with my discount code ‘JASSYSC’ Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 20.20.05.png

Here are just a few of their gorgeous products but there are sooo many more! That will make you feel sassy!! They are all about promoting body confidence and have made me feel great about myself by providing cute bikinis that also look good on girls with big boobs as often it is a struggle to find bikinis that you are not falling out of!

If you would like to see the first swimsuit that I have, head to my Instagram @jasxellison 🙂

Thanks for reading – Hope you liked two posts in one day, I will try my best to be more regular with my posts – FOLLOW and shop with ‘JASSYSC’



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