Mixed girl tag!!

I’ve seen a lot of girls doing this tag and I thought it looked like a good idea so hope you enjoy my answers 🙂

1. what are you mixed with?

  • I am half Ghanaian and White British.

2. What ethnicity have you been mistaken for?

  • Randomly once, my dentist confused me with being Indian??? A lot of people I meet who are Ghanaian are often shocked that I am and have thought I was also possibly Indian or are confused generally about what I am mixed with. I honestly do NOT see it.

3. Is your hair curly or straight?

  • My hair is loveeeelyy and curly, but I do straighten it (with heat) sometimes.

4. Was coming from different backgrounds challenging growing up?

  • The most challenging thing was being able to identify with both sides of my family equally and not feeling guilty for embracing one side more than the other. I have always been closer with my white side of the family which meant that obviously growing up I felt out of touch with my Ghanaian roots. As I have gotten older, I’ve come to terms with the idea of not trying to specifically identify my traits as either black or white and just accepting that they are a mixture and that I do act white AND black… because I am both.

5. Which side do you embrace the most?

  • My White British side, purely because I live closer to this side of the family and have never been to Ghana.

6. Have you ever been teased for being different?

  • I cannot actually think of specific teasing, but sometimes there would be situations where people would say my white friends were prettier etc because they had long straight hair and lighter skin.When I was in school as a child, it was not necessarily ‘teasing’, just sometimes as a minority I would be excluded from games of ‘mums and dads’ purely because others said it would not look right for me to be in the family (in the game) . It was upsetting and mostly confused me that they said I could not be part of a white family considering the majority of my family was white anyway,haha.

7.Have you ever been ashamed for being multiracial?

  • I have never been ashamed of who I am, but sometimes I have considered that if I did not look this way perhaps things would be less of a struggle for me, but I feel the good outweighs the bad.

8. Do you feel being mixed race has its benefits?

  • I think it means that I have a  broader understanding of the world than someone from one culture and I get to experience things that a lot of my other friends have not. I always felt as though it made me special as a child. I continue to believe that and I think of myself and other mixed people as the symbol of unity around the world,it’s great!

9. What makes being multiracial a beautiful thing?

  • I think everything from the previous point summarises my views for this question. I also think that it is evident in my existence that it is not intrinsic for people of different races to hate each other. Unfortunately some individuals have failed to understand this which results in the conflict between races, but the beauty of people who have come together is shown in me 🙂

10. Any advice to someone who struggles with their multiracial identity?

  • Honestly, the only think I would say that I truly standby myself, is to spend time learning to love yourself. Not everyone is as appreciative as myself of cultures uniting and that was something I learnt growing up. Therefore, you have to love yourself and the others who look like you a lot more because not everyone feels this way. It is sooo hard, I’m not going to try and sugar coat it, because it can be tough to feel beautiful and special in a world that dictates that beauty is not what you are so therefore you have to spend a long time learning to be happy before you can feel confident in your own skin.


Thank you so much for reading and I hope that you found it interesting!



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