Oval brushes.co.uk :(((

So recently, I convinced my boyfriend to buy me a set of oval brushes as I have seen sooo many bloggers on Instagram and YouTube raving about the Artis brush sets (which were a bit out of his budget). I searched for a cheaper alternative and my friend found a seemingly legit website ‘ovalbrushes.co.uk’ from Facebook and so I gave my boyfriend the link. The brushes were reduced from £100 to £25 which seemed too good to be true (it was) and he bought them. Four weeks later and we still have not heard from them or received any replies to our emails. We tried to call the number listed on the website which went straight to a dead line. I then returned to the Facebook page and read through comments and found several others who had been in similar situations and have come to the conclusion that the website itself was a SCAM which was such a disappointment!!

The main reason I wanted to write this post was to warn others, and solely because when I researched whether the website was legit the negative reviews were not obvious so I went ahead assuming it was a safe site, which it definitely is not.

I am going to continue to look for a decent set of oval brushes but with more caution this time.

J x